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To celebrate Saudi National Day 2019, Arab News wanted to take readers back to before 1979, when the Kingdom changed forever after the Iranian revolution and siege of Mecca. Arab News collaborated with illustrator Peter Quinnell to create a cover wrap and produced a 24-page souvenir edition. The cover wrap illustrated music, culture, products and people from the 60s and 70s. The showpiece was a video telling a brief history of Saudi and celebrating how the Kingdom used to be before the events of 1979 changed everything. We decided VO would give the video a strong voice and also add to the rhythm of the narrative. The video celebrated the past and showcased the exciting future ahead. We produced animations, Saudi historical fact cards for social media, Social media covers and profile pictures, animations and screensavers of the illustration which readers could download for free to have their own piece of Saudi history. The illustration was used as a clickable web takeover when users visited the Arab News website.

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